Reading with your Child

You can probably quote the statistics on the importance of teaching a child to read and how it will affect their teen and adult life, but there are many advantages to reading with your child that you probably aren’t aware of that exist. Here are 5 benefits you don’t even think about.

Routine Makes Children More Secure

By choosing to read with your kids at the same time every day, you are creating a routine that helps them feel more secure. The world is a strange place as you are growing up, the more you know you can rely on the safer and more secure you will feel.

It Can Help Them Sleep Better

Surprise! Reading a bedtime story can help your child sleep better. Not only does it play on the increased security that routine gives a child, but it also helps to influence their mood before they sleep – lessening the chance of nightmares. For many, it is also an important bridge to being able to sleep on their own too.

It Allows Communication To Grow

Sitting and sharing a book with your toddler lets you establish a habit of sharing an experience with them. You will be very grateful for this type of communication as they get older. By reading together you are improving your ability to talk with each other.

It Lets You Share Something Special

All kids love being made to feel as if they are special. Booktime can be a perfect way to create a pocket of time in each day in which your child feels just how much they are loved. It will create an association with loving learning that will last them a lifetime.

It Will Help You Manage Stress

This last one may surprise you, but reading aloud, or reading a book with your children can help you to manage stress. The routine you are creating for them to help them feel more secure also becomes the routine for you where you have to put aside the worries of the day and take a break. By simply making a regular time to go enjoy and share an activity with your child, you will find that your ability to manage stress gets better. The activity helps you to relax and start anew in the day after.