Childrean Learning Reading Review

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If you want to give your kid a great advantage over their peers, helping them learn how to read from a very early age might be the perfect way to do so. I have used Jim Yang’s Children Learning Reading system to teach my son how to read, since he was just 2 years old.

I was very happy with the system, and our results, so I decided to write a Children Learning Reading review for other parents to take a look at. Do I have any special training or teaching abilities? No. Had I ever taught a child to read before? The answer is also no; this is my first child, actually, but I will definitely be teaching my next child how to read, using the same methods as detailed in this easy-to-use system.

Are There Drawbacks To The System?

Of course, you cannot expect to find any reading system that will make every step easy for you. Learning how to read is always going to be a complicated process. Without any more delay, let’s take a look at what this child reading system offers.

Since this is going to be a comprehensive review, it will help to take a look at some of the major elements of the reading program, before we look deeper.

Name of the Product: Children Learning Reading

Creator of the Product: Jim Yang

Cost: There are two different packages:

The regular package, which contains 6 e-books, as well as audio files in MP3 format, is $49.95.

The premium package, which contains everything from the standard package, plus the video edition, video workshop, the Stage 2 Rhymes ebook, and special printables for all of the lessons from Stage 1 and Stage 2, costs $69.95.

My Rating: 5 stars! (The product works, and it is easy to use.)

What Is The Children Learning Reading Program?

A package of instructional material that takes a unique approach to systematically teaching children how to read. Using phonemic awareness and phonics instructions, it can be used to teach children as young as 2 how to read.

Jim Yang, the developer of the system, used it himself, and taught his own three children how to read, each before they were three years old. I was a little skeptical when I first read about this, but I was eager to try anything that might allow my child to learn to read before he started school. I was pleasantly surprised at the results that we achieved.

So, What Exactly Is Phonemic Awareness?

Simply put, it is using the individual parts of words to “sound out” parts of language. This has been studied extensively, and results have demonstrated that phonemes (those parts of speech) can be used to teach reading more easily than the use of traditional methods.

This program is not guaranteed to help all 2 year olds to read, and Jim advises that learning should commence at around two-and-a-half years of age. This is because a child of this age will be able to speak a little more easily. However, some children are quicker to develop this ability than others, so your child might be able to start with the Children Learning Reading program earlier. It does not hurt to try, because you might have a prodigy on your hands.

One of the things I liked about this system was that we were not stuck in front of a computer monitor, or watching DVDs on the television, while learning to read. We were interacting with each other, having a great time, and my toddler learnt while he was having a fun time.

Who Can Benefit from Children Learning Reading?

children reading

The system is specially made for parents and their children, from ages two-to-seven.

Are you looking for something that can teach your child how to read? If you want press play on your DVD player, or set up your child in front of your computer, this is the wrong system for you. I’m not sure if there are such reading programs that would actually work.

For the parents who are eager to take an active role in their child’s intellectual development, this phonetically based reading system is simple to use, and will give you back so much more than you put into it.

The Pros

  1. This program can thoroughly teach your child how to build skills in phonemic awareness and phonics.
  2. Contains a clear introductory section that looks at the benefits and importance of starting to learn how to read from an early age.
  3. All steps are easy to understand.
  4. Parents can learn phonics as they teach their children. Other parents, like myself, probably never studied this in their own youth.
  5. The audio files that accompany the written material are especially useful for anyone who does not have an understanding of phonics.
  6. Each lesson is brief, ensuring that children do not lose interest.
  7. The printouts that come with the premium package are a great learning tool. My son often asked to play with them, even when we had already done our learning for that day.
  8. This system is more affordable than many of the child reading systems that you will find.

The Cons

  1. This reading package does not do the teaching for you, and you will need to help your child with their learning, daily. If you would rather leave the work up to someone else, your child might just have to wait until they are in school to start learning how to read.
  2. This package might be a little difficult for parents who have never used phonics before, because they will need to figure out how the sounds should be made. Lucky, the audio files help a lot, as I mentioned.

What About Other Learn Reading Methods?

This is not the only way to teach your child to read, and there might be methods out there that work better for you, and your son or daughter. The traditional method is still commonly used, and I have had experience with it since using the Children Learning Reading material. The problem with the old method is that your child learns whole words, and has to memorize every word, and every “shape” or sound. This can be intimidating for children, and some seriously struggle to learn how to read this way.

Review overview

  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Entertaining
  • Good Price


Give it a try. The price of this system is reasonable enough that you will not be too out-of-pocket if you decide to go another way. I was not sure if the package I ordered (the premium package) would be suitable for my son, since he had only just turned 2 when I ordered it. However, I am now proud of how well he is doing with his reading, and we have almost finished going through the final material in the book.