Best Books for Children Learning to Read

The best books for children learning to read always arrive in the hands of parents. Learning to read is one of the greatest joys of life because it also represents a time when children feel specially valued by their parents. Not only are they doing something with you, but it allows them to be able to do something indecently too. There are many different options for children’s books. Knowing which one to pick can help to create a lifelong love of reading. They work best when paired with a good reading program. That way you can build on their reading skills and help them to become more proficient.

There Is No Such Thing As “Too Young”

Big board books fell out of fashion for a while but are returning to parenting tool boxes the world over. These simple, chunky books are often given to babies. While babies seem more interested in eating them at first, these books provide an important gateway into reading and image perception. Get as many as you can – the more bright and colorful the better.

Know Your Child’s Abilities

The best books for reading are labelled by age and ability. Just because a book says that it is for a 3 year old doesn’t mean that all 3 year olds can read it. There are some simple reading assessments you can use to help you determine what your child’s reading level is. You want to choose the books that best match. If you can’t find a reading assessment, choose by age range. If it is too advanced for your child, go down a year.

Read Aloud, And Let Them Read To You

When reading a book to your toddler you should alternate reading out loud to them, and asking them to read words to you. If they know the story very well, try reading a word wrong and having them correct you by pointing out the word you missed and saying the word. This will help build word recognition. You can also ask them to say a voice of a character in a story, which encourages them to learn to read on your own.

Be Consistent With The Schedule

You should have a regular time to sit with your child and read. Children thrive on a structured routine because it helps them to feel safe in a world that is changing and revealing new things every day. This regular time will also make it easier for you to make sure that it happens.
a girl with a book

Let Them Pick The Book (Even If It’s The Same One Over And Over)

When you are doing a bedtime story, let your child pick the book. Even if your toddler keeps demanding the same book over and over (often only a particular section of the book) – read it. Bedtime stories help support learning to read, but they are more about creating security and a stronger bond between the two of you. Repetition of a story never hurts in developing an understanding of it too.

Aim High

While you should read towards your child’s level, teaching them to love reading also means aiming a little higher in stages. This is why using a structured reading program can be too helpful. You can begin to slowly add in stories from the next level to continue challenging your child as they grow more comfortable with words.

Books Ideas To Help Get You Started

Here are a few titles that can help you get started with teaching your child to read.
  • For 2 year olds – Good Night Moon, Margaret Wise Brown. This is an excellent bed time story that using the items in a bedroom to say good night, and to start learning.
  • For 3 year olds – The Cat in the Hat, Dr Seuss. This book appeals to this age range with its sing song speech and tale of getting in trouble.
  • 4 and up – Ferdinand the Bull, Munro Leaf. This is a classic story that older kids love. It is more involved and has complex illustrations. It is an excellent book for transitioning from reading aloud to reading independently.