How to Teach a Kid to Read?

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people do not know how to read. It is also estimated that 45% of all children in school are reading below their grade level. Of those children who cannot read, or who are reading below their school level, 2 out of 3 of them will statistically spend time in jail or on welfare as adults. When you learn how to teach a kid to read, you aren’t just making the world a more interesting place, you are helping to increase the types of opportunities open to your child.

In the Digital Age, reading has become even more important. Study after study has shown that children who learn to read at an early age go on to higher levels of education and employment. Reading has also been connected with ensuring your quality of life as an adult, and may be an activity that helps to prevent cognitive problems in the future. It is an activity you can do with your child no matter how old they are that will help you develop a stronger bond, give them more resources to handle the world, and be part of their lives far into the future.

What Does It Take To Teach A Child To Read?

Children learning reading do it best when they are with an adult they love and trust, and that adult is following a reading program. Your kids don’t need to know you are moving from book one to book two, but having a more structure program to follow makes sure that they are increasing their abilities and understanding in step. It also helps you to stay committed and consistent to reading to your child, which is the key to what it takes to teach a child to read. Being able to say the words, show the words and eventually have your child read aloud with you while telling an entertaining story is one of the best ways to teach them reading, and to improve their reading skills. It is something you should never stop doing with your kids, but also something you should start doing as early as possible.

Why Starting Early Is Best?

You should start reading to your babies as soon as possible. Research has shown that during the early childhood years, the human brain is far more capable of learning than ever before. It is during these years that the body decides just how much of the brain it needs. Your child’s brain will grow in accordance with the stimulation they receive, and they will retain much of what you do with them – even if comprehension doesn’t come early. Teaching an early love of reading to your child will also help to create a lifelong habit that will improve their overall quality of life. It also will help to establish a routine in your toddler’s life that helps them to feel secure and to make sense of the world.

Advantages Of Reading To Your Kids

There are many advantages to reading with your child every day.

  • It helps to establish a routine that grounds them and makes them feel safe in the world, reducing behavioral and emotional issues.
  • It gives you a structured time to be together where you are focused on sharing something – that is something harder and harder to do with life’s growing responsibilities.
  • It will improve their reading and comprehension skills to help them achieve and get more out of school.
  • It will empower them as adults to be able to handle written and comprehension tasks easily that are such a part of life as an independent adult.

How Reading Together Can Help The Whole Family

a kid with a book

Reading together can also be an important part of helping your whole family. As children age they often grow apart or feel separated from their family. You can establish a routine of “reading time, “ where you can help them to read, or just encourage shared reading time helps the family spend time together – and stay together.

Reading And Babies

Babies take in so much of the world and form inclinations based on the responses and actions of the adults around them. If you love reading to them, they will acquire a love of reading too. It also helps them develop faster and better speech too.

Getting Toddlers To Love Reading

The best reading activities for kids and toddlers are those that are age appropriate. Using a reading program that has different age levels is a good idea. Don’t forget that you do know your child well and if their comprehension is above their age group read above it too. Toddlers will love doing anything that involves you, and it set aside as their special time. Go ahead and make a big deal out of your reading hour, and they will respond well to the time.

Best Books To Grow With

The best books for kids to read are ones that are also interesting to you. Dick and Jane was never a really successful reading model outside of the classroom because the story isn’t interesting to adults. There are many books that have multi-layered stories. This is important as your child will be able to detect if you are interested or not in what you are reading together. They won’t be able to tell that you are bored with the story, but will assume you are bored with them instead. Stay engaged to build a love of reading with your kids.

Encouraging A Lifelong Love Of Reading

Reading with your child is one of the best ways to encourage a lifelong love of reading. By choosing to follow a reading program, you will be sure that your child’s comprehension growing as well. Have fun with reading time and make it something special. It can be something your family can share together for the rest of their lives.

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